LAG Satasilta

LAG Satasilta is one of the 52 Local Action Groups in Finland.  We finance Leader projets and we are also very active in local development. Our main activities in the area are the same as our interests for transnational co-operation projects:

  • Active Economic Development and Entrepreneurship
  • Living Villages and Associations
  • Clean Environment and Waters
  • Attractive area (tourism: activities in the nature, culture, art  and crafts etc.)
  • Rural youth

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in brief

LAG Satasilta consists three municipalities, Eura, Eurajoki and Säkylä in the southwestern part of Finland. The population is about 27 000.

 Our region is easily accessible with good transport links, and the cities of Rauma, Pori, Turku, and Tampere are all within a short distance. Our vibrant business sector and active communities make our region a pleasant place to live and visit. In addition, our attractive tourism options and rich culture ensure that there is plenty to see and experience in our region.

The area has a long and uninterrupted history of settlement, stretching back as far as the late Iron Age. This can be seen and tasted in the area’s living traditions of handicrafts and food. Here visitors can immerse themselves in history in the Kauttua Ruukinpuisto (Old Iron Works Park), the Mannila Viking Age village, as well as many other historic sites.

With the lakes Pyhäjärvi and Köyliönjärvi and their outlets, the region’s natural surroundings are very much characterized by water. Today, these waters offer a diverse array of opportunities for recreation – both on the waterside and on the blue waves. Besides, in lake Pyhäjärvi you can find various examples of successfull lake protection projects -also in the international level.

Area is dominated by vast cultivated areas: vegetables such as cucumber, carrot, onion, potato and sugar beet are grown here. Many alimentary production companies are based in the area.

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Leader programme

Budget for our Local Development Strategy for 2023-2027 is 3,6 million euro


The main objectives of our strategy are

Developing and vibrant business sector 

Renewing and active communities 

Valuable and sustainable environment 


We are interested in collaborating on themes for example related to water and environmental protection, smart villages, sustainable development, nature tourism, and revitalizing cultural heritage. 

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